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It’s all good…

18 Jul

The Good Earth Food and Wine Company folk are literally haunting my dreams.

Since last week when the Chief and I made a visit about our next Harvest issue (stay tuned), my mind has been obsessed with sugared pecans, medium-dry Riesling and cherry preserve topped Canadian cheese slathered on home-made crostini.

Honestly, get thee to Good Earth immediately, if not sooner. As their website is so cleverly divided, they’ve got Good Food, Good Wine, Good Times and Good People. You really can’t go wrong.

Enjoy pizza from the wood-oven or impeccably dressed greens fresh from the on-site garden while you take in the view from the patio. Swing by The Pantry Shed to stock up on the aforementioned sugared pecans, double-smoked bacon (insert drool face here) or jams. Sip & Savour your way through a flight of three wines matched with three bite-sized appetizers – the ’08 Cabernet Franc with the sundried tomato and oregano pinwheel was unbelievably mouthwateringly good.

Regardless of which path of wonderous delight you choose, you’ll be even more lucky if owner Nicolette Novak stops to chat. The joy she exudes for her work is contagious – and all the staff have drunk the kool-aid. These aren’t just Good People, these are Great People.

We left Good Earth with smiles from ear to ear and a bag of goodies each. They just might tide us over until our visit next week.

I’ll tell ya what definitely didn’t make it for long in my presence – The Good Wine 2009 Rosé.

Called the “little sister” of the Cab Franc, this wine has the same affect on The Good Earth patio as caesars do at cottage parties – you see one, you want one. It’s a happy wine, smelling of candy apple and tasting like strawberries, but is less sweet than both those flavours insinuating. Both my glass on the patio with lunch and my bottle back at home went sayonara lickity split. Isn’t that really what it’s all about – enjoyment?

Do yourself a favour and take yourself down to Beamsville. Enjoy the good life.