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Seven Swans a Swimmin’…

20 Dec

When I think about swans, I think about beauty, grace and, well, squawking. So, this drink is for the night girlfriends all gather, gossip and gift (and of course, braid each others hair and have a pillow fights).

I love sangria for girls night because its fruity, without necessarily being rot-your-teeth-out sweet and it makes more drinks than just serving a bottle of wine. This recipe is merely suggestive – you can swap in different fruits (this one uses red and green fruits, oh so festive), fruit juices and liquors as you please.

Holiday Sangria

2 green apples, cut into thin slices

1 c. of frozen raspberries

1/2 c. of pomegrantate liquor (My mom and I are semi-obsessed with Pama Pomegranate Liquor, $39.95, LCBO #414)

1 c. raspberry, pomegranate or strawberry juice (whatever you find first)

1 bottle of rosé (I will not make any specific winery mad at me by suggesting one you should pour a crap load of other stuff into, because that’s like saying someone’s lasagna recipe needs more cheese, and frankly I’m not out to hurt feelings – but pick one of your favourites, that’s inexpensive and preferably drier in style)

Drop the fruit, the liquor and juice of your choosing into a pitcher, glug the rosé in. Stir. Refrigerate. Pour into the glasses you and your girlfriends will be toasting with (don’t forget the fruit!). Commence hair braiding.

12 Days of Drinks…

8 Dec

For you, my holiday lovers, I offer up 12 deliciously bevvies to get you through all secret santa disappointments, all crazy aunts asking you when you’re having kids, all mall madness and all holiday parties where you’re wearing a snowflake on your sweater.

Today’s drink comes from our friends at 3 Olives, the fun flavoured vodka people from the UK. I introduce to you, the White Mochatini.

1 oz. Three-O triple espresso vodka (it’s be discontinued through the LCBO, but is still on shelves for the time being, $25.95, LCBO#118620)

1 oz. premium white chocolate liqueur (like Godiva’s White Chocolate Cream, $31.95, LCBO #573311)

1 oz. half & half


Shake all of the above with ice until your hand freezes and strain into a martini glass (rimmed with cocoa if you ask me). Garnish with chocolate-covered espresso beans. Say yum.