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Peace Offering…

28 Oct

It’s been so long, dear readers. I know it’s all my fault. I can’t blame BC for sucking the energy out of me, or the cold weather sapping inspiration, or even the Packers ridiculously close losses in recent weeks for shoving me in a corner, sulking and rocking back and forth. I’ve simply been caught up in this windstorm called life, but I have made a promise to write more often.

To counteract the eerie silence that has been The Corkscrew for so long – I present the following as my appeasement to the Wine Blog Gods.

This here, folks, is what everyone is after. I can’t tell you how many text messages I get from family and friends asking for exactly what this bottle delivers.

Rémy Pannier’s Anjou isn’t just affordable (but it is – LCBO#5967, $12.10). It isn’t just refreshing and balanced (but it is – with pear, apple and honeyed notes that would be outstanding with everything from hors d’oeuvres like crisps topped with goat cheese and cherry preserves to mains based on everything from the sea, oysters and lobsters especially). It isn’t just special and different (but it is – Chenin Blanc is approachable without being boring and overdone). It isn’t just from a popular, substantial wine growing country like France (but it is – from the AOC Anjou region of the Loire Valley that’s known for fantastic whites). It isn’t just an InterVin award winning bottle (but it is – and a best value one at that). It’s the whole package.

The best part? There’s more when this comes from. Take a look at the InterVin Best Values list and hunt them down. Trust me, this list is way more helpful than texting me.

Never Drinking Anything Else Again…

23 Mar

After diving head first into a pile of wine books, websites and tweets, I have come out ready, excited and particularly curious to try several different types of wine that weren’t really on my radar.

First up was Beaujolais.

Previously, I had generally steered my wine choices away from France. I mean, yeah, they’ve done wine very, very well, but they’re also kinda – well – French about it. Call it uppity, snotty, or just very secure in their fortune, but the Canadian in me never really cared much to venture to the rolling, grassy hills of France. Well, other than Champagne… but that’s a whole other chapter.

So. Beaujolais. After serious readings, what did I know about it?

Well, this wine takes its name from a region in France. I bet you can guess what it’s called. (Yes, for the blondes in the class, that’d be Beaujolais.) I know from my Grade 12 French class that Beau means beautiful, so that’s a nice start for a wine. Jolais I can only imagine stands for ‘Amazing Wine’.

Yes folks, it’s that good. I had read that it was that good, but didn’t want to believe the hype. Someone once said it was the perfect wine, and that guy cut it with water.

Well it may not be perfect, or at least not the stuff at my price point, but it’s as close as I’ve tasted.

I sampled a bottle (or two, what can I say, I’m hooked on the stuff) of Les Vins Georges Duboeuf 2008 Beaujolais – Villages (LCBO 122077, $12.95)

It smells like red wine, but drinks like a white. It’s as tender as they describe it on the bottle. It’s full of berries and juicy.

The best part is that you’re actually supposed to serve it chilled. Yes, this is a red wine we’re talking about folks. But those Frenchies have it right, that Gamay grape is amazing cold. It’s as easy drinking as a crisp Pinot Grigio. It’s great for picnics, matches everything from light red meats to chicken pasta. I can even imagine it being awesome with Asian cuisine.

It’s not bitter, but it’s not super sweet. It’s so damn good that I might never drink anything else again.