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March Madness

5 Apr

In anticipation of tonight’s tip off of the NCAA college basketball championship, I figured I’d pair off two wines. I’d have loved to battle of some American wines, but since they’re pretty much limited down to Californians at my LCBO, we’ll have to do with their Canadian counterparts.

For the role of David in this battle of the best, Butler University will be played by Pelee Island Winery’s ’08 Gewurztraminer (LCBO#135970, $9.95 for a limited time).

Its a little obscure, with a big nose at the start and a bang of a finish. It’s balanced, just like Butler’s offense and defense, except with its sweet and spicy characteristics. Straight from the wineries website, “Are we showing off? Of course.” Sounds just like the team that has close to home floor advantage. This is a great wine, that many respect, but just didn’t expect to get this far.

On the opposite side of the court, there will be Goliath – otherwise known as Jackson Triggs Proprietors’ Reserve ’07 Chardonnay.

It’s as typical a Canadian wine as Duke University is a basketball team. It’s gorgeously golden, with grapes chosen from select vineyards in Ontario. It’s a big wine, comfortable, and award-winning. It doesn’t have as strong a start, but my oh my, does it have a finish.

Whichever way the game goes. These are both two great wines, and two great teams. All the best of luck to Duke and Butler. Knock ’em dead, champs.