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Three R’s…

5 May

I stumbled upon a tweet about this cool chair this morning, and it got me thinking… What else can you make out of wine materials?

I present to you what I consider the Top 5 ideas to reuse your wine materials.

5. Cork board

Buy a large picture frame and make sure to keep the cardboard backing that fits inside. Cut leftover cork pieces in half vertically (suggested tools include a small hacksaw – watch those fingers!) and glue them in using a combination of wood glue (for a long-term hold) and hot glue (for an immediate bond). You can make this same concept, but smaller to make a hot pad for the kitchen. Try different patterns to add interest, but whatever you do, make sure to lay out your design to make sure all the corks fit before you start gluing.

4. Cabinet silencers

Cut very thin slices of cork horizontally with a very sharp knife. Glue the slices to the inside of your cabinets. Then, when the door shuts, it won’t slam waking the entire house. Genius.

3. Soap Dispenser

Clean and dry a wine bottle. Purchase a spout that will fit on the mouth of the bottle. Fill with liquid soap (you can use the cheaper bulk size for this – yay!) This looks wicked cool in a wino’s kitchen. If you keep this project in mind while shopping, you can find some pretty cool and unique bottle shapes that really give it a great touch.

2. Homemade cooking oils

Clean and dry a few leftover wine bottles. Buy a few fresh herbs or spices (rosemary, thyme, hot peppers or garlic). Fill each empty bottle with yummy herbs and spice combinations. Pour olive oil or vinegar into the bottle. Top with a wine spout and let your personal creation sit and absorb all the delicious flavours.

1. Cork bath mat

Perhaps the coolest thing ever.

Hope you enjoy these selections and it proves to a few folks that leftover wine bottles don’t have to collect in your garage, or just be used as cheap, ugly candles or single stem flower holders.