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Seven Swans a Swimmin’…

20 Dec

When I think about swans, I think about beauty, grace and, well, squawking. So, this drink is for the night girlfriends all gather, gossip and gift (and of course, braid each others hair and have a pillow fights).

I love sangria for girls night because its fruity, without necessarily being rot-your-teeth-out sweet and it makes more drinks than just serving a bottle of wine. This recipe is merely suggestive – you can swap in different fruits (this one uses red and green fruits, oh so festive), fruit juices and liquors as you please.

Holiday Sangria

2 green apples, cut into thin slices

1 c. of frozen raspberries

1/2 c. of pomegrantate liquor (My mom and I are semi-obsessed with Pama Pomegranate Liquor, $39.95, LCBO #414)

1 c. raspberry, pomegranate or strawberry juice (whatever you find first)

1 bottle of rosé (I will not make any specific winery mad at me by suggesting one you should pour a crap load of other stuff into, because that’s like saying someone’s lasagna recipe needs more cheese, and frankly I’m not out to hurt feelings – but pick one of your favourites, that’s inexpensive and preferably drier in style)

Drop the fruit, the liquor and juice of your choosing into a pitcher, glug the rosé in. Stir. Refrigerate. Pour into the glasses you and your girlfriends will be toasting with (don’t forget the fruit!). Commence hair braiding.

It’s all good…

18 Jul

The Good Earth Food and Wine Company folk are literally haunting my dreams.

Since last week when the Chief and I made a visit about our next Harvest issue (stay tuned), my mind has been obsessed with sugared pecans, medium-dry Riesling and cherry preserve topped Canadian cheese slathered on home-made crostini.

Honestly, get thee to Good Earth immediately, if not sooner. As their website is so cleverly divided, they’ve got Good Food, Good Wine, Good Times and Good People. You really can’t go wrong.

Enjoy pizza from the wood-oven or impeccably dressed greens fresh from the on-site garden while you take in the view from the patio. Swing by The Pantry Shed to stock up on the aforementioned sugared pecans, double-smoked bacon (insert drool face here) or jams. Sip & Savour your way through a flight of three wines matched with three bite-sized appetizers – the ’08 Cabernet Franc with the sundried tomato and oregano pinwheel was unbelievably mouthwateringly good.

Regardless of which path of wonderous delight you choose, you’ll be even more lucky if owner Nicolette Novak stops to chat. The joy she exudes for her work is contagious – and all the staff have drunk the kool-aid. These aren’t just Good People, these are Great People.

We left Good Earth with smiles from ear to ear and a bag of goodies each. They just might tide us over until our visit next week.

I’ll tell ya what definitely didn’t make it for long in my presence – The Good Wine 2009 Rosé.

Called the “little sister” of the Cab Franc, this wine has the same affect on The Good Earth patio as caesars do at cottage parties – you see one, you want one. It’s a happy wine, smelling of candy apple and tasting like strawberries, but is less sweet than both those flavours insinuating. Both my glass on the patio with lunch and my bottle back at home went sayonara lickity split. Isn’t that really what it’s all about – enjoyment?

Do yourself a favour and take yourself down to Beamsville. Enjoy the good life.

Ladies Man…

27 May

I caught a little slack from a friend the other day after my Rosé Uncorked post. It seems he – the everyman, the future McDreamy, the athlete, the politick – thinks that it was directed only at the ladies.

“Guys like rosé too!” he pleaded. “Yeah, but most rosé drinkers are girls,” I argued. Then a bunch of sexist insults were thrown about (mostly kidding) and I managed to escape his wino wrath reasonably unscathed.

Thinking about it later, he was kinda right. As a girl, people don’t think I like football. But I do. People don’t think I should be able to chug a beer. But I can. People don’t think I can put up a tent by myself. But I have.

So, I opened up my mind hole for a second and came up with two rosé’s for the gentlemen out there. Sorry that I didn’t include you the first time. Hope you enjoy! (And ladies, these are equally as delicious for womenfolk – so don’t be afraid to bust them out. We’re all friends here in Roséland.)

Fielding Estate Rosé (VINTAGES #53421, $15.95)

The Chief recently called this wine, “More serious and austere than fun and fruity.” I would have to agree. It’s got a ruby hue and a snazzy black screw cap.  This wine was created using the saignée method, meaning red grapes were soaked only briefly with the skins and then treated as if they were a white wine, NOT a mixture of red and white wines thrown together to make a pink one – this is all about craftsmanship.  It’s a mixture of Pinot Noir, Cab Franc and Cab Sauv, with a touch of Merlot and Syrah thrown in for good measure, all blended together in perfect harmony. It smells of cranberries and snappy pepper and is sharp and dry in the mouth. Enjoy it before the meal, or alongside grilled fish – I’m thinking seared tuna personally, but whatever fin you fancy to throw on the BBQ will do.

If you are more in the mood for a rich rosé? Then you’ve simply got to look to France. The Mas des Bressades ’09 Rosé Tradition (VINTAGES 950576, $13.95).

It’s from the Rhone region of France (which produces seriously awesome reds – Syrah – and whites – Viognier, but that’s another post) and is soaked in sunshine. Bright jolly rancher pinky red in colour, this wine balances refreshment with luxurious mouthfeel. Smells of strawberry and rose garden and tastes like diving into the first fresh berries of the season. Though easily downed on its own, it’ll go great with fresh summer salads, topped with grilled chicken. Yum! Kinda a hoity toity boring bottle, but that’s the French for ya – if it’s not your thing, just stick it in a decanter. May I recommend this one?

Uncorking Rosé…

13 May

Tis that time again. The sun is shining (well, not today), the patio bars are open (again, not today) and the local wine stores are stocking their shelves with plentiful pink bottles (this, unlike the others, is actually true). Having already tasted a few rosé’s this pre-summer season, we can arm you with info to take into consideration when your mind wanders to this often under rated sipper.

First up is Beringer’s California Collection ’08 White Zinfandel (LCBO 239756, $9.95).

The price is definitely right on this baby, but it’s not my favourite of the bunch. It’s just a touch too sweet for my taste, but the strong strawberry nose and nice, lush finish along with the pale pink colour make it an attractive party wine to keep on hand and it’s easily available. Let’s be honest, when you’re out on the deck with your girls, it could be nice to have something to kick off the evening that doesn’t break the bank. It’d be a nice compliment to Asian style chicken skewers or even fried mozzarella.

If you’re looking to buy locally, Malivoire’s Ladybug ’09 Rosé (VINTAGES 559088, $15.95) is a great bet.

It’s priced a little higher, but for those extra dollars you get loads more layers of flavour. Light in the mouth, but with loads of fruitness (we’re talking cranberry, strawberry and raspberry), this wine is bursting. It’s drier than your mouth the morning after a kegger, and perfectly balanced to serve with food. Because it’s made with 86 per cent Cabernet Franc, it’s a great pair with anything garlic. I’m thinking whole slow-roasted cloves smushed into a divine dip with super crunchy crackers. Or, go with what the winery recommends – a hot dog with all the fixins.

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be at the Montes tasting at Toronto’s Spoke Club. The event started off on the right foot because of this stand-out bottle, Montes Cherub Rosé of Syrah ’09. This bottle will be available within the next 45 days, but there’s still plenty of the ’08 left on LCBO shelves (VINTAGES 37887, $14.95).

This is just plain yummy. Winemaker Aurelio Montes believes this wine is “just meant to be” and he’s right. It’s bright colour makes it fun and lively, while the palate has a subtle spiciness and hints of strawberries. Montes believes strongly that because this rosé is made from Syrah (the grape has major oomph) it serves a double purpose as a solo sipper or a great accompaniment to food. He recommends to serve it alongside sushi or a lush risotto. All in all, the ’08 is fantastic, the ’09 follows in its steps.

Hopefully the sun and patios will soon cooperate and follow the stocking of LCBO shelves, bringing us some warmth to enjoy these wines. Until then, well… drink a unoaked cool climate Chard or something.