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The Screwcap?

17 Jul

“Always carry a corkscrew and the wine shall provide itself.”

– Basil Bunting

I try to talk myself out of it.

I take out that pair of shoes I don’t really wear because they hurt after any considerable walking distance or that extra black tank top that’s identical to the other two I already have in my bag. I start with the smallest suitcase possible in attempts to limit my available space, knowing I’ll cram something into that tiny front pocket if given the option. But, despite any of these perfectly rational measures, I still over pack. There are just very few things I’m willing to leave behind just in case – one such thing is a corkscrew. I find it to be the necessary travel companion, besides good company and banana-chocolate chip muffins.

Yes, most hotels these days have a chinzy plastic opener in the room. Yes, I don’t need one when I’m going to an all-inclusive resort where every Cuban server has two that they guard with their life. Yes, I normally travel in places where buying one would be less than a problem.

I pack one anyways.

So, it’s probably not surprising that I slipped one into my giraffe-print tote in preparation for a trip south of the border for a recent long weekend. I mean, a winery stop was guaranteed with my bestest (we kindly refer to her as ‘Charlotte’ in these parts) beside me.

Alas, I never ended up using it. It eventually got piled under Boston souvenirs, a seafood bib and one particularly sandy bathing suit. Though it wasn’t for a lack of trying that my poor buddy didn’t make an appearance – the wine was a-flowing. However, we were blessed (or cursed, depending on how you look at it) to be surrounded by refreshing, affordable whites and rosés all bottled under screwcap.

No complaints here, the weather was beautiful and these wines hit the spot with our mostly seafood and potato chip diet.

Even our stop at Newport Vineyards (about 10 minutes from Easton Beach – trust me, make a day out of it and see the mansions and the gorgeous beaches) found us putting rosé in the trunk.

Enter Newprt Vineyards 2009 White Merlot ($14.99 US).

If you ever get a chance to hit up Newport Vineyards, this definitely has purchasing potential. I mean, taste your way through their wine list and I’m sure you’ll find something worth the bucks, but my money is on the White Merlot. A great mix of snappy acidity and strawberry sweetness, this is a enjoyable summertime sipper. It’s not the most complex wine on the market, but since when does that matter? It’s gulpably good and it goes down quick with zippy cherry and berry notes.

And hey, it’s screwcapped, so your corkscrew can remain buried at the bottom of your bag, right where it belongs. Basil was right – carry a corkscrew and even if you don’t use it, the wine will provide itself.